Chuck Cleaning Wafers

Chuck Cleaning Wafer cost-effectively reduces tool downtime during unscheduled and scheduled tool maintenance service for greater output.


ESC(Electrostatic Chuck) Applications

Etch and PVD chambers have scheduled wet cleans with extended tool downtime. Particles on the electro- static chuck (ESC) cause backside leaks forcing early wet cleans and unplanned downtime for more than twelve hours.

Vacuum Chuck Applications

Particles on lithography tool chucks can cause “Hot Spots”, or de-focus areas due to particles under the wafer. To remove hot spots, the tool is taken offline and either opened for manual chuck cleaning, or the chuck is “stoned” to break down or remove the particles. Both procedures interrupt critical tool availability for up to two hours.

Customer Results

Etch Application – Customer Results

For 3-months, CCW was cycled through the tools whenever the ESC He flow rate was high. More than 75% of the time, the He leak was resolved without opening the chamber.

PVD Application – Customer Results

For 5-months, CCW was cycled through the tools when- ever the backside pressure was too low. In every instance, the backside pressure was resolved without opening the chamber and the system was put back in production.

Litho Applications – Customer Results

Integrated defect measurement was used to identify hot spots on multiple systems. CCW was run through the tool when defects greater than 120 nm were detected. More than 70% of the time, the defects were eliminated without opening the chamber for unscheduled downtime.