Technical Papers

We host an extensive list of technical papers related to contamination monitoring and control.

These technical papers have been written and presented at international conventions by people who have vast knowledge of the contamination control industry.

We invite you to review these technical papers.

Particle Measurement and Particle Counters

By Kazou Ichijo

By: Bin Liu and Shi Liu

By: Takuya Nagafuchi and Takehito Mizuno

By: Yu-Shan Yeh,* Kaoru Kondo,1 and Han-Fu Weng

By: Rao Varanasi, Michael Mesawich, Patrick Connor, Lawrence Johnson

By: Tomoyuki Takakura*, Katsuhiko Tokuno and Shuichi Tsuzuki 

       Kenji Yamazaki, Ai Tomotoshi and Kazukiyo Teshima

Confidence in Evaluation of High Purity of Samples

By: Kazuo Ichijo, Shigeru Arashiki and Naoki Tsuda

Correlation of Particle Counters

By: MGN International Inc.