Automotive / Coating / IoT

Monitor and control particles that affect precision parts, coating defects, and testing yield to maintain the standard of quality and profitability.  We offer various monitoring and contamination removal solutions to support your needs.

Liquid Particle Counting

  • Precision parts cleaning testing
  • Inline and batch sampling capabilities
  • DIW and solvent particle analysis 
  • Filtration process monitoring

Air Particle Counting

  • Handheld / Portable : particle source detection, clean-room qualifications, spot checks, move and measure
  • Multipoint / Manifold : continuous monitoring of production / filling area cleanliness, sampling tubes enables connection to tools and enclosed spaces

Portable Cleanzone System

  • ISO Class 1 capable: less than 10 particles/m3 at 0.1um
  • Fast: establishes a clean-zone in less than 3 minutes (Turn off when not in use)
  • Portable: plug-n-play, offers flexibility for on-site services, startups, and easy relocation
  • Cost Effective: lower initial cost AND operating cost than standard traditional clean-room
  • Applications: Ultra-clean protection of sensitive test samples and areas, protection of critical processes and instruments, localized filtration of particle generating spots

Probe Card Clean

  • Improve yield
  • Easier and less downtime than manual cleaning
  • We offer both Mipox and ITS brand products with a wide variety of structures, shapes, sizes, loading, abrasive size, and aggressiveness. 
  • Cleaning wafers, chucks, self-application sheets for both online and offline needs

Probe Card Conditioning

  • Clean and reconditions probe tips to extend functional life
  • Maintain tip shape for proper contact and oxide penetration
  • Products include Probe Form, Probe Refresh, SWE, LCxK
  • Customized solutions available

Test Contactor Cleaning

  • Improve yield
  • Easier and less downtime than manual cleaning
  • ITS surrogate chips offer fast and automated online cleaning process  
  • Mipox low cost solutions for offline cleaning