SEMI Chemical Suppliers

MGN International has decades of experience and expertise in the chemical industry.  From bulk chemicals, corrosives, specialty blends, plating solutions, to even polymeric and photo-chemicals.  We offer a unique understanding and customized solutions to tackle the challenges of contamination control and monitoring.

Liquid Particle Counting

  • Batch Applications : ideal for final packaged testing, formulation, R&D, container cleanliness check, production QA/QC, CoA
  • Inline Applications : real time filtration monitoring, point of fill, parts cleaning, new filter flushing
  • Chemical Compatibility : PFA and glass/sapphire wetted parts ensures resistance and compatibility with UPW, aqueous, solvents, blends, acids, HF, bases, and corrosives.
  • Cost Effectiveness : able to measure a wider range of refractive indexes and chemicals than competitor units, modular design enables easy switch between batch and inline.  
  • Specialty Applications : photo-chemicals (KS-41 series), high viscosity liquids (5,000 cP) (HV-1, KZ-30U, XP-N5, XP-65)

Air Particle Counting

  • Handheld / Portable : particle source detection, clean-room qualifications, spot checks, move and measure
  • Multi-point / Manifold : continuous monitoring of production / filling area cleanliness, 0.08um and 0.10um capable, sampling tubes enables connection to tools and enclosed spaces
  • Capabilities : 0.08um and 0.10um capable
  • ISO 21502 (JIS B 9921) : high flow-rate and high counting efficiency
  • USA FDA 21 CFR Part 11 : audit trail, data security, KC-31/32, RP Monitor Evo Software (P)

Ultrasonic Concentration Meters

  • Applications : feed chemical monitoring, chemical blending, quality control
  • Fast : real-time measurement, no more waiting for lengthy titration
  • Accurate : superior to conductivity meters, temperature compensating
  • Flexibility : flow cell type, flanged type, and explosion proof models
  • Easy to Maintain : no consumables, self calibration / verification

Portable Cleanzone System

  • ISO Class 1 capable : less than 10 particles/m3 at 0.1um
  • Fast : establishes a clean-zone in less than 3 minutes (Turn off when not in use)
  • Portable : plug-n-play, offers flexibility for on-site services, startups, and easy relocation
  • Cost Effective : lower initial cost AND operating cost than standard traditional clean-room
  • Applications : Ultra-clean protection of sensitive test samples and areas, protection of critical processes and instruments, localized filtration of particle generating spots