Concentration Meters

FUJI Concentration Meter for CMP (H2O2)

  • Applications: CMP Concentration, H2O2 (oxidizer) concentration in CMP
  • Real-Time: On-line, output every 0.6 sec
  • Easily Integrated: Ideal for existing or new CMP Delivery Systems

FUJI M13 Concentration Meter for Chemical Delivery Systems

  • Applications: Any Chemistry HF, TMAH, KOH, NH4OH, H3PO4, etc.
  • Real-Time: Online output every 0.6 sec
  • Easy Integration: Ideal For CDS (Chemical Delivery Systems)

FUJI M53 Concentration Meter for two components

  • Common Applications: TMAH + Si, TMAH + Resist, Slurry + H2O2, HF + H2SiF6 , HF + NH4F, NaOH + IPA
  • Real Time: Online Output every 0.6 sec
  • Easy Integration: Multiple Outputs to adapt to any New or Existing System