Filtration – Air and Liquid

As the main method of contamination removal and control, filtration directly impacts quality and all downstream processes.  Accurate and actionable information on the status of the filtration process is essential for all industries. We have selected to represent products with superior performance, reliability, and flexibility to ensure you find the best solution for this critical process.

Liquid Particle Counting

  • Batch Applications : automated sampling, parts cleaning testing, container cleanliness check, particle counting of final packaged materials.
  • Inline Applications : filter efficiency testing, filtration and final polishing monitoring, bulk chemical delivery monitoring, new filter flushing checks, and UPW monitoring
  • Chemical Compatibility: PFA and glass/sapphire wetted parts ensures resistance and compatibility with UPW, aqueous, solvents, blends, acids, HF, bases, and corrosives.
  • Cost Effectiveness: able to measure a wider range of refractive indexes and chemicals than competitor units, modular design enables each switch between batch and inline
  • RION’s superior counting efficiency measures more of the liquid passing through the sensor to allow detection of small fluctuations and provide actionable data trends

Air Particle Counting

  • Handheld / Portable : filter efficiency testing, particle source detection, clean-room qualifications, spot checks
  • Multipoint / Manifold : continuous monitoring of production / filling area cleanliness, 0.08um and 0.10um capable, sampling tubes enables connection to tools and enclosed spaces
  • Capabilities: 0.08um and 0.10um capable
  • ISO 21502 (JIS B 9921): high flow-rate and high counting efficiency

Portable Cleanzone System

  • ISO Class 1 capable: less than 10 particles/m3 at 0.1um
  • Fast: establishes a clean-zone in less than 3 minutes (Turn off when not in use)
  • Portable: plug-n-play, offers flexibility for on-site services, startups, and easy relocation
  • Cost Effective: lower initial cost AND operating cost than standard traditional clean-room
  • Applications: Ultra-clean protection of sensitive test samples and areas, protection of critical processes and instruments, localized filtration of particle generating spots