MGN International was founded on a vision of Quality Excellence of our products and services. Our only performance barometer is total satisfaction of our customers, partners, and suppliers alike.

MGN International

MGN International

MGN International offers full technical and application support including on site or quick turn-around calibration for all of our products.

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Particle Counters

Particle Counters

Liquid and Air Particle Counters feature state of the art, HIGH Detection Efficiency, and Noise Reduction Technology with long life laser diodes. Measurement beginning as low as 0.05µ.

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Concentration Meters

Chemical Analyzers

FUJI’s In-line Chemical Concentration Analyzers offer Real-time Concentration of any component including acids, bases, solvents, and other chemicals through use of Ultrasonic Velocity Propagation Technology.

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Environmental Sensors

Gas SensorsGas Sensors

Aeroqual’s innovative products, actively driven by sensor research and technique development, will empower professionals, product integrators and OEMs requiring accurate gas measurement and control. Aeroqual prides itself in providing tailored solutions, system design and fully integrated packages – from simple monitors to complex networked systems with sophisticated control. Sensor applications include: Ozone, VOC, Ammonia, CO, and others. All Aeroqual products have removable sensor heads that eliminate the need for field calibration and facilitate fast and easy sensor head replacement as required.

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Temperature, Humidity, and Differential Pressure SensorsTemperature, Humidity, and Differential Pressure Sensors

Novasina air humidity and temperature measuring systems for monitoring and controlling the climate in industrial processes. These devices are used predominantly for measurements in air and other gaseous media. The wide product range goes from intelligent transmitter systems to data loggers and hand-helds for any application.

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