Test Contactor Clean

Test and burn-in socket contactors can build up contaminants and debris which can cause mis-contact and reduced first-pass yields.

Test Cell ConditionerTM(TCC) is an engineered Surrogate Cleaning DeviceTM designed for cleaning and debris collection to control resistance and maximize contactor electrical performance.

  • Engineered solution matched to handler, device, socket, and thermal requirements
  • Thermal performance well suited for demanding tri-temperature test conditions(from -55C to +175C)
  • Critical for stable first pass yields, reduced retest, and high final yields.



Improved First Pass Yield – Controlled and stable contact resistance, reduced site-to-site dependent failures, with thermal stability across -55°C to +175°C.

Increased throughput – Minimize offline cleaning, maintain high units per hour for high volume.

Reduced Cost of Test – Auto-contactor cleaning(ACC) for low downtime for tri-temperature test applications.

High Profitability – Reduced capital equipment, space, and operational costs.