Application & Support

MGN International is a full-service manufacturer representative that prides itself in Superior Customer Service, Application Support, and Cutting-edge Technology for all your contamination control needs. In our ongoing commitment to continue our role among industry leaders, we have developed close working relationships with top manufacturers such as RION Co., LTD, a world-leading producer of laser particle counting systems, Mipox, a world leader in polishing and surface preparations, and FUJI Ultrasonic Engineering Co. LTD., world renown for developments in ultrasonic chemical concentration measurement technology. Together, we strive to bring our customers superior products, superior service, and complete satisfaction.

Technical Application Support

Have a question? Not sure about your equipment, or wondering how to achieve your contamination control goals?
With over 20 years serving Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, and other Clean Industries, MGN has gained superior application knowledge for a multitude of applications from parts cleaning to chemical manufacturing; Clean Room Monitoring, to Filter Efficiency testing. Whether you need a quick phone call or video chat, or an in-depth technical discussion and presentation, we’ve been there, we understand, just ask us!

Repair and Calibration

MGN International, Inc. is a certified factory repair and calibration representative for all of our products. We offer fast, friendly support, both onsite, and at our facilities located across the USA and throughout the world. Our factory-trained personnel and factory-certified parts allow us to complete >99% of all repairs and calibrations locally, with minimal downtime. Our local service network is among the most reliable, knowledgeable, efficient, and affordable in the world.

Validation and Testing Services

In some applications, such as Pharmaceuticals, validation of equipment is required. MGN offers a full service, on-site validation program (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ) for applicable equipment; often free with the purchase of a laser particle counter. We also offer Particle Testing Services for companies looking to improve processes on limited or delayed budgets. Contact us for details.


As a stocking distributor, we offer a wide variety of consumable parts as well as comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Plans to locally support our customers. Our continuing goal is that no customer goes down for a simple fix. We can ship any in-stock consumable from our local warehouse to you within 24 hours – keeping your equipment running…and you smiling.