Batch System Accessories

RION’s innovative modular design on the KS series particle counter enables the system to be configured for both inline/online and batch sampling, giving the user maximum operational flexibility and cost savings.  Different batch accessories and configurations are also available to measure pressurized lines/containers, high viscosity materials, and unique applications. RION’s focus on downstream-of-sensor sampling methods minimizes risk of cross contamination and particle introduction to give you the most representative data on your samples.  Please contact our representatives to see how RION and MGN can support your needs.  

Controller KE-40B1

ke40b1, ke40, ke-40b, ke-40
  • LCD Touch Screen
  • Up to 10 selectable channels
  • Built-in memory and CF card slot
  • Built-in printer
  • User friendly: One-touch operation for the measure, purge, and combination modes (with KZ-31W & KZ-30W2 sampler)

Syringe Sampler KZ-31W

kz31w, kz31, kz-31
  • Supported Controllers for Connection – KE-40B1, KE-40B, and KE-40
  • The large display allows checking the current status at a glance.
  • Memory for up to 50 sets of parameter settings for purge mode or measurement mode.
  • Automatic syringe capacity detection.

HV-1 High Viscosity Sampler

hv, hv1
  • Enables easy off-line measurement of high-viscosity fluids.
  • Sample pressure compatible up to 0.3 Mpa(approx. 43 psi).
  • Enables to measure high viscosity sample without dilution.
  • Large display allows checking current status at a glance.
  • Three operation modes: Purge mode, Measurement mode, Combination mode.

External Pressure Sampler KZ-30U/KZ-28M

kz30, kz30u
  • For connection to any RION batch type particle counting system and in conjunction with RION KZ-31W Syringe sampler to achieve measurable flow for highly viscous materials.
  • The simple chemical-proof sampler, KZ-30U is designed to pressurize and supply sample fluid to the particle counters for off-line measurement.
  • Controlled with Pressure control unit.

Pulse Height Analyzer KF-50A

kf50a, kf50
  • Windows Software: Windows XP SP2 or later
  • Uses: displays results of Pulse Height Analysis performed by the particle counter
  • Displays results of pulse height analysis as performed in particle counter
  • Suitable for noise check of samples with noise rise such as photoresist