SEMI Fab Back-End

Contamination monitoring and control is still important at the back-end of the semiconductor manufacturing.  Prevention and removal of contaminants from the process and testing tools are critical to improve yield and maintain high quality and profitability.

Probe Card Clean

  • Improve yield
  • Easier and less downtime than manual cleaning
  • We offer both Mipox and ITS brand products with a wide variety of structures, shapes, sizes, loading, abrasive size, and aggressiveness. 
  • Cleaning wafers, chucks, self-application sheets for both online and offline needs


Probe Card Conditioning

  • Clean and reconditions probe tips to extend functional life
  • Maintain tip shape for proper contact and oxide penetration
  • Products include Probe Form, Probe Refresh, SWE, LCxK
  • Customized solutions available

Test Contactor Cleaning

  • Improve yield
  • Easier and less downtime than manual cleaning
  • ITS surrogate chips offer fast and automated online cleaning process  
  • Mipox low cost solutions for offline cleaning

Portable Cleanzone System

  • ISO Class 1 capable: less than 10 particles/m3 at 0.1um
  • Fast: establishes a clean-zone in less than 3 minutes (Turn off when not in use)
  • Portable: plug-n-play, standard electric outlet
  • Cost Effective: lower initial cost AND operating cost than standard traditional clean-room
  • Applications: Ultra-clean protection of sensitive test samples, critical processes, and instruments.  Localized filtration of particle generating spots

Air Particle Counting

  • Handheld / Portable : HDD particle generation test, particle source detection, clean-room qualifications, spot checks, move and measure
  • Multipoint / Manifold : continuous monitoring of production / filling area cleanliness, capable down to ≥0.08um and up to ≥100.0um, sampling tubes enables connection to tools and enclosed spaces
  • Various flow-rates available to meet application requirements