Pharma / Life Sciences

As one of the most heavily regulated industries, the ability to meet government and international guidelines is paramount in the continuing success of the company.  In addition to performance, equipment reliability and up-time is also critical in maintaining a constant standard of quality and contamination control.  At MGN International, we offer high quality instruments and expert knowledge to help you achieve and maintain your highest level of standards.

Liquid Particle Counting

  • Simple All-In-One design – includes sensor, sampler and firmware
  • USP 788 – RION KL-05 model for injectables related liquid and container particle measurements
  • USP 787 – RION KL-05 model (with accessories) for small volume measurements, down to 0.2mL  
  • USA FDA 21 CFR Part 11: audit trail, data security, KL-05, RP Monitor Evo Software (P)
  • Easy to use, one-button operation to minimize risk of human errors
  • Traceability reports, IQ, OQ, on-site support available

Air Particle Counting

  • Handheld / Portable : particle source detection, clean-room qualifications, spot checks, move and measure
  • Multipoint / Manifold : continuous monitoring of production / filling area cleanliness, sampling tubes enables connection to tools and enclosed spaces
  • ISO 21502 (JIS B 9921): high flowrate and high counting efficiency
  • USA FDA 21 CFR Part 11: audit trail, data security, KC-31/32, RP Monitor Evo Software (P)
  • Traceability reports, IQ, OQ, on-site support available

Portable Cleanzone System

  • ISO Class 1 capable: less than 10 particles/m3 at 0.1um
  • Fast: establishes a clean-zone in less than 3 minutes (Turn off when not in use)
  • Portable: plug-n-play, offers flexibility for on-site services, startups, and easy relocation
  • Cost Effective: lower initial cost AND operating cost than standard traditional clean-room
  • Applications: Ultra-clean protection of sensitive test samples and areas, protection of critical processes and instruments, localized filtration of particle generating spots