Latest Technology and Standardization Trends for Liquid Particle Counters

Here is an excellent posting from Dr. K. Kondo of RION Co., Ltd, Tokyo Japan. Consider this mandatory reading for anyone using liquid particle counters for the electronics industry, especially Semiconductor manufacturing in the current age. Dr. Kondo reviews the basics of Laser Light Scattering Particle Counting Technology and its evolution to 40nm and below.


Fine Particles contaminating production facilities have significant influence to the degradation of the quality of micro-structure products. Liquid-Borne Particle Counters are widely used to count liquid-borne particles in the production process of semiconductor and other micro-structure products. For evaluating the performance of these counters, some ISO standards have been established, ISO 21501-2, JIS B 9925. On the other hand, the process for manufacturing leading-edge Semiconductor Devices requires the measurement of yet smaller particles. Based on research from our company’s development situation, this paper describes the latest trends in small particle detection. It also describes a newly proposed method for evaluating reliability in in small particle size measurement not addressed by ISO standards 21501-2 or JIS B 9925. 

Latest Technology and Standardization Trends for Liquid Particle Counters

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