Other Accessories

Pulse Height Analyzer KF-50A
  • Pulse Height Analyzer KF-50AWindows Software: Windows XP SP2 or later
  • Uses: displays results of Pulse Height Analysis performed by the particle counter
  • Security: HASP License key (1 ea supplied)
  • File: Easy file save and transfer, copy and paste
  • Displays results of pulse height analysis as performed in particle counter
  • Automatically calculates particle sizes from Voltage Values for display
  • Suitable for noise check of samples with noise rise such as photoresist
  • Ideal for maintenance purposes and for assuring particle counter classification accuracy
  • Particle distribution data can be used to test particle generator stability

Controller KE-40B1

  • Controller for RION Particle Counters
  • LCD Touch Screen
  • Up to 10 selectable channels
  • Built-in memory and CF card slot
  • Built-in printer
  • User friendly: One-touch operation for measure, purge, and combination modes (with KZ-31W & KZ-30W2 sampler)

Syringe Sampler KZ-31W
  • Supported Controllers for Connection – KE-40B1, KE-40B, and KE-40
  • Dimensions: 141 (W) X 215 (D) X 345(H) mm
  • Weight: Approx. 5.5 kg
  • Choice of three operation modes: purge mode, measurement mode, and combination mode for a preset sequence of purge and measurement operations.
  • Large display allows checking the current status at a glance.
  • Application software allows management of all settings from a computer.
  • Memory for up to 50 sets of parameter settings for purge mode or measurement mode.
  • Selectable blank volume lets sample fluid flow rate stabilize after the start of plunger action.
  • Syringe set with integrated valve for easy replacement.
  • Automatic syringe capacity detection.

K9904A Bellows Sampler
  • Supply sample fluid to particle counters without fluid leaks or contamination.
  • Dimensions: 230 (W) X 150 (D) X 105(H) mm
  • Weight: Approx. 2 kg
  • Fluid Viscosity – 30mPa・s (with 10mL/min)
  • Maximum Discharge volume – 15mL/stroke
  • External Pressure – 300kPa

External Pressure Sampler KZ-30U/KZ-28M
  • For connection to any RION batch type particle counting system and in conjunction with RION KZ-31W Syringe sampler to achieve measurable flow for highly viscous materials.
  • The simple chemical-proof sampler, KZ-30U is designed to pressurize and supply sample fluid to the particle counters for off-line measurement.
  • Easy-to-operate chemical resistance sampler with the chamber.
  • Controlled with Pressure control unit.

Mass Flow Controller CVR1/4-FM

  • Flow controller for inline measurement
  • CVR-PVC and CVR-1/4-FM are flow controllers for the Liquid-borne particle counter. They are located downstream of the counter in the pressure line.
  • (This Mass Flow Controller is products of Surpass Industry Co.,Ltd.)
  • Compatible Fluids – Pure water, chemical fluids
  • Adjustable Flow – 10 to 31.2mL/min
  • Pressure Used – 100kPa to 400kPa
  • Approx. 125 (H) × 185 (W) × 110 (D) mm

Printer KP-06A
  • Compatible with Air Particle Counters
  • Measurement result printout items: Date/time Count for each size range (total only, or single and total, max. 7 digits for each)
  • Repeats the set number of measurement, calculate and prints the average results.
  • Approx. 66 (H) × 170 (W) × 242 (D) mm (without protruding parts)
  • Maximum 6 ranges (depending on particle counter)

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